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Language: Reason Africa Is Missing In The Map

Posted by Edonaze on May 14, 2011 at 1:06 PM

Language: Reason Africa Is Missing In The Map


History have made it known that Africa had her major decline, brutality, enslavement, colonialism to exploitation when it came across the conquest of imperial power from Europe and Arab world. In the late nineteenth century, the European imperial powers staged a major scramble for Africa and occupied most of the continent, creating many colonial nation states, and leaving only two independent nations: Liberia, an independent state part-settled by African Americans and Orthodox Christian Abyssinia, known today as Ethiopia. This colonial occupation continued until after the conclusion of World War II, when all the colonial states gradually obtained formal independence. British colonies had English language as their official language, French colonies to use French, Spanish colonies to use Spanish, Portuguese colonies for Portuguese, Italy to use Italian. These were implemented without any consideration of encouraging and developing African indigenous ethnic languages, which wouldn't have been possible because of the concept of colonialism being a destabilizing effect on what had been a number of ethnic groups that is still being felt in African politics till date. Despite colonial influence of cultural and religious imposition, (Christianity and Islam,) which have over the years expanded its boarders, converts, denominations and indoctrination, most African still maintain their indigenous traditions, culture, spirituality and ethnic languages while others to extinct or diffused into dominant cultures and languages among them.

Base on scientific facts today, there are likely no difference in human ability, intelligence, and race colorations as a definition of ones character is more a farce than reality. Just a question of time, place, chance, opportunities and natural assimilations. Though most fundamentalist have exploited the concept of racial difference and discrimination to mean African are lesser human with low IQ but recent evidence have prove otherwise. Most African have archive great hight in the world as could be with Asians or Caucasian. Really, have seen Asians like Africans, Africans like Europeans, Europeans like Americans and Americans like any other race in the world, and what could be wrong in the whole scenario is language, religion and politics being use to manipulate human conscience, psyche and vision. Knowledge is base on learning and experience, learning is universal and infinite (no limit), while language is a connecting tool.

Language is the soul of a society. Take it away you make it meaningless. Discussing building a society without developing a corresponding language is like a foundation lad on a sandy soil. Can anyone imagine what could be like, if human being were to be without? How imperative our intelligence, knowledge, awareness, evolution taking it insignificant? We do think in language and the quality of our thoughts and ideals can be as good as the quality of our language. Without common language we have no co-existence. Understanding languages means understand many societies, culture, and human psycho. Modernize a language and you modernize a society. No doubt this communication tool holds the key to unlock human conscience and behaviour. How possible it is to orient and disorient a society? How could a people over centuries be deceived, misdirected and maladjusted to a different sense of reasoning?
Every understood language makes a bright and complete communication. Control a people’s language and you control their thoughts. Laws, Constitutions, regulations, policies, instruction and commands are all constructed with and in languages. Like every belief system where different meanings and connotations are being giving or represented based on historical enchanter, human evolutions, adventures, religious thesis, and knowledge so, is a nation language. Either use for ones ego, patriotism, fundamentalism, nationalism, racialism or for collectivism. Language portrays knowledge, experience, awareness, enlightenment, and identity. Genuine intentions could be taken for wrong motive and wrong intention for good motive because of variation in understanding. What one says and do shows the type of knowledge one have.

Developing language in a society is as important as building a nation out of a society. No one was born with the knowledge e of a space science but acquired and developed as a result of many studies, experiments and research.

Human being often takes to what their understanding is when passed information base on communication theory. Scientifically, the brain is the central processing unit (CPU) of every information that enters from the five sense organ. The brain manipulates every encoded data to reproduce or decode a reaction. Every action as you may know have a corresponding reaction right or wrong. One of the greatest tools ever used on earth functioning on the media and education system to lead or mislead serving the manipulator’s intention is language. Language is the key to integrate and indoctrinate a society. Same made the media most effective tool to achieve any revolution. Language empowers people, control their sense of belonging, and influence their thinking habit. These was properly diagnosed by Kuma Ndumbe III on his essay titled “Language, liberation and development” [see: http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/42686] on his methodological approach for a post-colonial Africa.

When a child is born he or she does not know what is right or wrong, neither how to communicate till being taught a language that affects his or her psychology and habit. However, if critically examined how language and psychology inter-relates, influenced and grows in human nature with time, then, we will understand why differences and similarities in human habits and culture. Although culture is not permanent but undergoes evolution as human beings and societies get influences and modified. Life is a continuous process and learning has no limit.

That there is no Physics and chemistry Book in most Africa language does not mean Africans hasn't no scientific minds to do so. So many achievements have been demonstrated by Africans in Diaspora. A body of knowledge, intelligence and ideals contributing to human growth and development. But then, why are these thought energy of African scholars building other nations, not reflecting in Africa or in their indigenous African societies? Why aren’t a country like Nigeria in all his numerous Universities and Higher institutions with thousands of graduates and undergraduate effect a change for the better compared to the rest of the world in its syllabus, curriculum, research works, documentations, organisations structures and administrations? Words like miss-education, brain wash, indoctrination and neo-colonialism are almost getting childish looking at the extent of Africa's politics scene of the 21st century. Still same old story with African political leaders fill with egos and self grandioso. Are Africans doing the right thing wrong way? Or wrong thing right way? Some blame slavery, colonialism, imperialism, others blame greed, ego, corruption, tribalism, religion, militarism and not many have critically look or examine how language could have been root cause and redemption. 1000 years to come Africans situations and condition will get worst because they are disorganised. Disorganize because their languages are disorganized literally and logically.

Isn’t anybody wondering why our body of knowledge and thought energy are always directed to Britain, America, France and other western colonisers like the Christians catholic minds and resources directed to Vatican city, and of African Muslim to Mecca? Why is any time Africans want to fight for self actualisations and determinations it does not work? Why should our children learn English, French, Spanish and other foreign languages first before acquiring knowledge of science and technology? Does this also reveals how a typical African mindset is been subjected to dependency and tendency of getting hooked to knowledge after there western counterpart? How can an Igbo man teach or deceive a British man with English language without costing him a fortune or a Germany to an Edo man with Edo language. Vice versa? Probably before a British man can take an indoctrinated Igbo chief in Igbo language, he has to pass through the Igbo process of thinking, language and body of thought. I am an Edo man. A citizen of Edo nation consequentially brought under Nigeria by colonial invaders in search for greener pasture. Situated at the western part of Africa and south-west of Nigeria. Edo nation, popularly been represented in history as the Benin kingdom had his own economic and political structure and power more than a 1000 years before Nigeria was born. Now, if I have a child and we happen to live in Japan. And this child has to speak, read and write in Japanese language, acquire her basic and professional knowledge in Japanese language, learn science and technology in Japanese letters then, how can she contribute to the body of knowledge, thought energy and mindset in his fathers land or to Edo Nation in Africa?. Isn’t obvious she end up with Japanese consciousness, thought and physical energy to energise the Japanese existence, intelligence and societal development while having little or no contribution to his fatherland.

Looking at the structure of European countries
carefully: “http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Europe” One unique thing could observe is language, which they have uncompromisingly. 1000 years ago, some of these countries were mere ethnic groups but metamorphosed into mega cities and countries. Their conspiracy to conquer Africa and other nations with organise religion, language and politics has gained momentum as minds of their victims’ remains under control while they carry on their economic and political exploitation. But then, how do we imagine the key to unlock the mental slavery? Can that be possible when Africans knowledge, finance, language and certification depend on Britain, France, and other western colonisers? Any critically examination on why didn’t Europeans learn languages of their resided territories and societies to know the people more without obligating and commanding a total application of English language and French? Why and what could have been motive behind caging these ethnics without a proper understanding, research and concern for the make-up components in these societies? Awareness from History has revealed a conspiracy to aspire with a structure, command and rule applied to capture and control, an orientation to take away languages, morals and discipline but to plant paranoid(slave) mentality. A system created outside Africans mechanism and body of thought for sole benefit of Britain and France.

I had once challenged for a total restructuring of all colonial nations to ethnics states and adoption of regional languages in Africa. How long will it take us to understand that our thought energy is just been enjoyed by our host countries, using their directed and composed language as our base of thinking. Most African universities and academic institutions only reflect extension of their colonial curriculum (a seed planted by colonial powers to hold, control and benefit their conquered territories). Any people, ethnics or society in Africa giving an opportunity to grow its language, will have his own power of thought to make wonderful creative ideals and intelligent as their thought energy is with, in and on them. Knowledge from north, south, east and west are diffuse into a cell that finally develop into a great nation (melting together finance, ideals, knowledge, intelligence and languages). Additional external or internal academic intelligence only pushes it to further expansion.

Literal Language or logical language represents a key of operation. Literal language here refers to spoken language while logical language to reflect the meaning and reason behind the use of a spoken language. Language is key factor in ethnicity. If I have to bring a photo of everybody, the first thing you do is to look for yourself and then latter begins to imagine: (1) how you looks presentable or not (2) how could your guest appreciate you (3) if there is a yes its makes you feel better and if there is a no, it makes you feel shy and if not a person of self confidence could lead to depression and a low self esteem. Good or bad every human wants to be identified. With a class, team, group or people as that also serve as a mirror to our likeness on earth. Of course, “who are you and what is your name?” is the first step knowing a new world. Here, it becomes very important to get your position and purpose clear making a befitting impression because actions and reaction in, on and from the photo shows, how, where and what you are on the scheme of things. Do Africans have language? If yes, what role does it play in their lives and society? Just a mere talking jams or rectories? Do these languages make any difference in their thinking process? If not important, why do they engage in it? How can we be so naïve to ignore most fundamental element of a society? Any society without a language is not living and does not exist? If you refuse to water or care for your flower what happens?

I have once explained that developing any African language is the simplest thing to do, if willing to do so! (See: http://www.freewebs.com/ogieva27/uwagbosarticlesebugiem.htm ) why should Scholar be so pre-occupied with what they get than what they give for what they know they cannot do without?
Professionalizing African languages means opening much of their ignorance to awareness and confidential thinking. It is time we computerise, design and produce sophisticated dictionaries and software in our various indigenous African languages to meet challenges facing our growth and development as a race and continent. Developing language is a society is as important as building a nation out of a society. We must have a reason to live, a vision to accomplish, a mission to win and a smile to wish. Let the 4 walls of Africa break the shackles of the earth to return and restore all African souls back to mother land for a new world and new civilisation. Africans/Black people all over the world under racial discrimination, segregation, mental and physical slavery need a home, a place to live and feel comfortable. African rulers must pause the move! Scholars and laymen must pause the move, AU must pause the move! Get it right then move forward! Time is far spent and challenges are huge!

Africa must set her goals, vision, mission, objectives, language, structure, finance right to work! Enough of the neurotic illusion and empty dreams! If must make Europeans for Africans this time not Africans for Europeans then must do like wise what they did and more than to get her flag on top. A Yoruba man should be worried about what happens in, on and with Yoruba land not Britain or America. An Edo man for Edo land not China nor Germany, and Ashanti man for Ashanti land nor Japan nor Australia because they don’t also give a dam! We must follow the world to move same way. We can’t be cooking a sauce with sugar and they cooking with salt and expect to taste same way. Europeans and multinational companies should not leave but stay to labour for Africa same way Africans did to build Europe and America. That will be another smart move to run away from their responsibilities earning Africa another generation to correct if they allow that to happen. Africans need a new deal, strategy, language, system and structure. Question must be asking, answering and implementing by all means necessary is what do they do with Europeans and Asians in Africa not what Europeans or Asians do with Africans in Africa. Chinese determine what Americans do in China, Germans determines what South Africans does in Germany, and Japanese determines what Europeans does in Japan. Africans must determine what Britain, America, China does as well. No more spiritual deals but physical, plain and simple in local languages accordingly. If Mugabe of Zimbabwe can yield to same call for a total restructuring of African state with indigenous talents, creativities, language and technology been finance, then he will be hero of our time. Colour is not the problem but the system and language on the deal. Africans ideals should be more of turning their local villages to mega towns and cities with their corresponding technological application.

Most African countries must reconsider the restructuring and reconstruction of their chaotic colonial boundaries. Embrace, develop and adopt regional languages in all academic, social, cultural, religious and governmental institutions without which they are lost in years to come. These will also enhance the sociocultural and psychological development of African mindset and consciousness. Retrieve or remove racial slots but keep watch and obligate Africanization and languages for all, irrespective of race, discipline and position. Men have only play and benefited on the ignorance and disabilities of the other and continue to do so as long as there remain fools and lazy men. Equal right for Africans willing to integrate in Germany and same for German willing to integrate with any African ethnic nationality. Power to the people and their social structure and language. Chinese, India, Europeans, Asians, white, black, brown, yellow willing to integrate, live and work in any region of choice are free to do so. Introduction of an open door economic strategies to encourage local, international and multi-national companies invest in any part they wish in Africa with strict control, rules and regulations as guide. Diplomatic ties and relations with international bodies.

Without this, Africans/ Black people can never be healed of their neurotic and paranoid (a life outside self real life) they live. Their societies can never be under there control as they form not the thought energy and mechanism that design and mandate existence of their society. No amount of Education, knowledge and intelligence they acquire from other colonial or foreign societies will work in their societies because

(1) they are not part of the constructive minds that compose those ideologies. Neither was it design for their excellence but to glorify originators.

(2) have no spot or concentration where all acquired knowledge do meet to enforce an organise nation. Objectively and comparatively to transform their societies for modernisation as equal playing field

Uwagboe Ogieva
( Editted May 2011 )

“This paper is not to against the importance of acquiring expanded and comprehensive knowledge in foreign language but to critically highlight effect and influence and benefits of having ones indigenous language as base to knowledge and critical thinking skill.”
. (The extermination of Africans from Africa means a total extinction of the African consciousness, language, identity, culture and mindset not necessarily killing all black people, human, land and resources in Africa. Black people will continue to exist on earth as long as the sun remains.)

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