A ma ze evbo omwan, a wiri

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 Great Quotations By Edo Linguists And Historians: 

"Language is capable of wearing several meanings in its message, mode, and receptacle. Do influences action, behavior, norms, values and other abstract yet perceptible roles of human beings in a society. Language brings mutual relationship and trust among different ethnic groups, community and trade" - Alex Igbineweka ( Guosa-West African Language Evolutionist. "Azekazudo of Benin Kingdom" http://www.dawodu.net/guosa1.htm 

"The major and indispensable ingredient of nationhood is the existence of a literary language which more than any other factor cement people together. So long as we are unable to adopt a lingua franca and standardize it for literary and other communicative uses, so long will unity and development within and without Nigeria continue to elude us. It is time to put parochialism aside. The Jews are what they are today, because they were able to resurrect a dead language-Hebrew- and promote it to forge nationhood." :- Uyilawa Usualele ( Director and Historian. Institute of Benin Studies ) http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/edonaze/forum/topics/language-and-unity-of-edo 

"I can no longer blame the British if my people are so lacking in integrity as to stupidly abandon the way of life which they do not even understand. Why is the English Language superior to or better than the Edo Language?"Dr Iro Eweka" (Source : )

"Language is one of the important properties of man that forms the basis of communication and makes it possible. The language of a people serves as a binding force and is seen as the vehicle used to pass down the history of such a people from one generation to another. So when a language dies, a people's culture is said to have died too." :- Esohe Mercy Omoregbe ( http://edoassociationsinspain.webs.com/edolanguageblog.htm )

" the Edo language is therefore the medium of interaction within the cultural frame of the Edo people. It is used for communication, interaction and exchange of ideas. Consequently, the extent to which a people´s language is developed and influenced necessarily reflects upon the culture of the people, and a change or loss of language invariably affects the perception of the people; viz their culture and socio-cultural realities. thus, language is a means of experiencing, and perceiving the environment and at same time, of communicating same to others." :-RICHMOND .E. IDAEHO ( http://evbonazelogistiks.webs.com/apps/blog/show/2059885-the-edo-alphabet- )

"I agree 100% with you that common cultural and linguistic ties among Edo speaking people are ancient and unmistakable, independent of the Obaship system, and should dominate our modern-day focus, particularly since perceived emphasis on "power" can easily be misunderstood if taken out of context. But for record purposes, and to avoid creating the impression that those who make purely historical reference to it are hallucinating, there IS a quote in Bradbury's book that suggests that many Urhobo-Isoko communities were indeed part of the Obaship system at one time." :- Prof. Nowa Omoigui (An Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Division of Cardiovascular Disease*** at the University of South Carolina USA.http://ihuanedo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/beninurhobo-relationships andhttp://www.omoigui.com/2004/09/strongintroduci.html) 

"Language is not a piece of museum artefact. Language is an organic (LIVING) thing. A language is dynamic. It survives and fulfils its natural functions only through use." :- Prof Iro Eweka Phd, ( Associate lecturer Open University, Bristol. UK.http://ihuanedo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/we-are-because-he-was-must )

"Language is the soul of a society. Take it away you make it meaningless. Discussing building a society without developing a corresponding language is like a foundation lad on a sandy soil. We do think in language and the quality of our thoughts and ideals can be as good as the quality of our language. Understanding languages means understanding many societies, culture, and human psyche. No doubt this communication tool holds the key to unlock human conscience and behaviour." :- Uwagboe Ogieva (Language: Reason Africa is missing in the map) 


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