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Education Must Be Seen From a Class Standpoint

Posted by Edonaze on May 22, 2011 at 2:09 PM

Education Must Be Seen From a Class Standpoint


The masses of the people (the oppressed) are the real educators of the people. The most difficult thing to learn and teach is language. Everyone learns language before they enter the oppressor’s schools. It is the learning of language that is key to learning everything else. With out a doubt it is the masses of the people who teach everyone language and the primary educators of the masses are women. The question of who educates the people is critical because the people rightfully feel that they owe a debt to the educators. Many times the credit of educating the people goes to the oppressor, and this is a mistake that the oppress makes.


The oppressed educates very differently than the oppressors. The oppressed teach that everyone deserves respect simply because they are a human being. The oppressor teaches that some people are superior while other human beings are inferior. In a class society where the oppressors are in power it is taught that the superior human beings deserve privileges while the inferior human being deserves all the negative things that the society forces on them.


If education is not looked at from a class standpoint, then the children of the oppressed accept the standpoint that the masses of the people are inferior. This is one of the reasons that people who are educated by the oppressors in so called higher education very seldom serve the people even though they come from the people. The oppressed teaches that the purpose of education is to serve the people. The oppressors teach that the purpose of education is to serve yourself and the oppressors. The oppressed teach about the importance of the love of justice and following the truth wherever it may lead you. In teaching this they taught the importance of the love of learning. The oppressor seldom mentions justice and if the truth was followed it would convict them of being murderers and thieves.


The oppressed teaches that all productive labor is honorable. The oppressor teaches that certain occupations are honorable while other occupations represent people who are failures. The oppressed teach the working class ethic of produce more than you consume which is in the interest of the majority of society. The oppressors teach the profit motive which encourages people to get as much as possible while doing the least amount of work. They teach the opposite of the working class, consume more than you produce.


The job of the oppressor’s education is for the stratification of the society. It is being decided in public schools who will go to college and who will go to prison. Who has power in society decides who will have a chance to have so called higher education. This is the most important reason for having a decree. In a society where the masses are oppressed, the people who have college decrees are considered superior to the people who do not. The people who labor and literally build the society are considered inferior to those who have college degrees. One of the main things that the oppressors use to enforce the ideas of superiority and inferiority. The bourgeoisie who owns and controls the means of productive are superior; the masses are inferior.


In capitalist countries there are millionaires and even billionaires. If you spent $10,000 a day for seven days a week , it would take 200 years for a billion dollars to be totally spent. It is taught that someone receives this type of money because of their superior intellect, but it is only labor that produces wealth. So the masses of the people have to labor for these rich people simply to eat, have shelter, transportation, etc. In a capitalist society this is the material bases for superior and inferior human beings. All capitalist countries were built on robbery and theft. The United States of America ’s wealth came as a result of the theft of the indigenous people of the western hemisphere land and the enslavement and labor of Africans for hundreds of years. Fredrick Douglas said that the crimes committed against Africans were so ruthless that a nation of savages would be shame.


Since theft is the basis of settler colonialism, we would like to quote from a chapter of Strategy and Tactics of the Revolution, by our guide, President Ahmed Sekou Toure. The name of the chapter is, “A Dangerous Operational Basis of the Counter-Revolution: Theft.


“Man/woman is not born a thief, a liar, or a traitor, he/she becomes one. In order not to become one, he/she must be educated… The Party is convinced today more than ever that the two main defects which the Party must, if it wishes to survive and progress, direct massively and violently, its weapons of destruction and annihilation against, are RACISM and THEFT. And since we have already dealt with racism, today, we shall tackle the topic of THEFT.


Indeed, to exploit others is to unduly deprive them of the fruit of their toil, either by force or by cunning, and this is precisely the definition of theft.


To steal is to subtract fraudulently other’s property; to confiscate for oneself the property of a social group.


To steal is to claim from somebody more than he/she owes you.


To steal is to refuse to return what one borrows.


To steal is to also accept what one does not deserve. The exploitation of slaves is nothing but theft. Feudal exploitation is theft. Capitalist and colonialist exploitation is theft. Imperialist exploitation through unequal terms of exchange is theft. Every form of human exploitation under any cover whatsoever, is theft.


Treason, since it consists in defrauding other’s trust, a trust which you have accepted and you do not deserve, is a form of theft, undeniably the most violent and the most pernicious one.


Everyone agrees at once that slave or feudal exploitation is an obvious form of theft. But capitalist exploitation is nothing more than theft. The bourgeois theoreticians are trying their best to advocate the contrary, since they present it as an act of the greatest humanism, the establishment of such and such capitalist concern granting employment to hundreds of workers, while in fact, it is a means that is essentially meant to yield benefits.


The capitalist enrolls workers to produce consumer goods, which constitute for the capitalist commodities of trade, which are sold at their price. The workers receive in return from the capitalist no the real value of their labor, but a poor wage which hardly enables them to survive, a wage that is well below the amount of their labor…


The system is such that the worker has no other choice than to be always the victim, to be a victim of theft or die of hunger, and this, as long as the regime remains a capitalist one. The fact that in a capitalistic regime, all workers are compelled to suffer capitalist theft, does not constitute virtue, far from it. Rather, it s a matter of theft, legalized in terms of bourgeois law, of course; and in order to eradicate it, it is not enough to combat it alone, it is necessary to combat the whole system, for there could be no complete eradication unless the cause, the root itself, is attacked.


In a regime of human exploitation, the ruling class naturally enjoys the right to steal and the working People are compelled to submit to this stealing. The two fundamental historical classes are the profit class and the labor class. The struggle against theft becomes thus a direct form of class struggle.


But our analysis must go as far to the consequences of this state of affairs and show that the victims of exploitation are not only materially cheated, but that they are also morally affected. Indeed, within every society subdued by a regime of exploitation, a regime of ‘legalized cheating’ on the fringe of this legalized violence, prescribed and protected by the regime, there develops quite naturally and as a response to ‘legalized cheating’ a generalized practice, a social atmosphere, habits of more or less suppressed, more or less subtle, more or less cynical, more or less dissolute cheating. It is no more the political class in power alone that lives on and prospers through cheating, it is the whole society that becomes a society of cheaters, through a vicious circle.”


The oppressor’s formal educational period is from about 5 years old until the upper 20’s. We say formal education because the advantage that the oppressors have is that they are in power so they use their mass media to continue to educate the people in their interest. The masses educational period is from the womb to the tomb, from the cradle to the grave. We said earlier that women are the primary educators of the people. We know that there is no substitute for a mother’s love.


We share these ideas about education because the oppressor’s education that most of the people experience for up to 30 years is sometimes seen as the only legitimate education and therefore they get all the credit because we do send our children to be educated by the oppressors at a critical time. Another reason the people do not get the deserved credit is because the people do not give out degrees/diplomas and the oppressor does. It is important that we arm ourselves and our children to the fact that education must be seen from a class standpoint, the oppressors or the oppressed.






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